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(posted on 4 Jan 2024)




I had a mentor to help me with my art career. The advice they gave me was to say YES to any opportunity that came your way even those that make you nervous and take you out of your comfort zone. I tried this for a year, and I am for the first time, making money from my art. Saying YES will help you to gain confidence and lead to further opportunities. 

I will give an example, of what happened when I said YES to enter for the B.C. Wide Portrait Challenge. I was nervous to enter, as I had not painted a portrait in years, and this was a timed event in front of an audience! However, I said YES to the challenge, prepared, and won honourable mention. Saying YES to this opportunity then gave me the confidence to say YES to Hallmark movies when they approached me to paint a portrait for a local film set. Now, this is an opportunity I would have been nervous about, had I not done the previous event, but having been successful in that I was able to say YES and confidently complete a job!

You will find by saying YES you will discover that you can actually do way more than you ever thought.